5. PRIDE & GLORY (2008)

Though this is a list centered on Colin Farrell’s biggest career fails, let’s shift our attention to someone else for a moment: his Pride & Glory co-star Edward Norton. Once one of Hollywood’s most interesting and reliable actors, Norton’s project choices over the last few years have been curiously dire, and this paint-by-numbers cop procedural is perhaps his lamest misfire.

Norton and Farrell play law enforcement officers butting heads over their department’s shady practices; to find out what those dirty tactics are exactly, just watch every “corrupt police” movie made prior to 2008 (Serpico, for starters). In order to compensate for its sheer lack of originality and wit, Pride & Glory has its unfortunate stars dropping an obscene amount of F-bombs, namely Farrell, whose overacting is made all the more clear by Norton’s solid, if not utterly wasted, performance.

A few more uninspired slogs such as Pride & Glory and Norton might earn his own “worst movies” list of this kind. Let’s hope not—Farrell doesn’t need the company.