9. SPIDER BABY (1968)

Behold one of the most dysfunctional families imaginable. The three main psychopaths in writer-director Jack Hill’s twisted cult classic are inbred siblings (two girls and one dude) who live in a literal house of horrors.

One of the girls, Virginia (a.k.a. Spider Baby, played by the sexy Jill Banner) kisses her dead dad’s skull every night before bedtime. Dinner consists of freshly killed cat with a side of crunchy insects. And their braindead aunts and uncles live in the basement and eat whatever humans are tossed down the garbage disposal. Aside from all of that, though, the house in Spider Baby is quite idyllic.

Hill’s sick imagination is on full display throughout this black-and-white tingler. The conceit behind the title character is enough to send Spider Baby straight into the hearts of sleazy exploitation devotees: Spider Baby gets off on trapping people in a giant web and stabbing them with butcher knives, which, in her disturbed mind, simulates a spider’s stings. We’re all for experimentation in the bedroom, but that’s the wrong kind of freaky.

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