Popular critical consensus will tell you that Ghostbusters II is a forgettable sequel, one that’s not horrible yet adds little to the pot necessary to distinguish it from the superior original. While we do agree that 1984’s Ghostbusters is the far better movie, that doesn’t mean that we don’t also love this silly second round.

For one, the special effects are much crisper in comparison to the ’84 film’s visuals; it might look cheesy today but, when we were kids, the ghost train sequence was legitimately creepy. The sequel’s best attribute, though, is its willingness to simply let Bill Murray and his returning cohorts (Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson) riff, resulting in witty one-liners and free-flowing energy.

Murray, for his part, acts as the viewer’s droll voice-box amidst the movie’s goofiness. His performance is all side-eyed annoyance and self-assured rationality. You can’t blame him once you realize that the villains in Ghostbusters II are a Fabio predecessor named Vigo the Carpathian and pink lava that looks like Pepto-Bismol and runs on Manhattan residents’ unkind vibes. Leave it to Bill Murray to call bullshit when the audience can’t.