Snitch, a film project that's been on hold for awhile now, recently made in-roads by adding Dwayne Johnson as its lead star. Now, Summit Entertainment has ensured audiences will be able to view the "most electrifying name" on billboards across America, after securing the rights to the action-drama.

Based on a true story, The Rock will play a down-on-his-luck suburbanite father whose teenage son is sentenced to 10 years under mandatory minimum drug laws. In order to reduce said sentence, the dad goes undercover to catch a veteran drug dealer. The script, written by Justin Haythe and Justin Waugh, was inspired by the PBS documentary series Frontline. Expect a lot of gunfire, tough talk, and eyebrow raising from the guy who is successfully staging a comeback of sorts.

Former stunt coordinator Ric Roman Waugh will direct, with filming expected to get underway next month.

You can currently see the former WWE champion in Fast Five and next in the kid-friendly sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, out on September 23.

[Via Deadline]