Most of the stories we hear about the current state of the record industry revolves around declining sales, staffs being slashed, and top executives "resigning" being fired. Wednesday night, however, will be a little easier on the ears, as you'll have a chance to hear stories from one of the music industry's pioneers, producer and businessman Chris Blackwell.

He'll reflect on 50 years of heading the most successful independent record company ever, Island Records. Under his guidance he took the the company from a small studio in Kingston, Jamaica to selling records out of his trunk in the UK, to a globally respected operation. Blackwell was an early champion of reggae and is credited as one of the first people to capture ska on record. He helped launch the careers of Bob Marley, U2, Grace Jones, and more.

Chris Blackwell
Wednesday, May 11
7 p.m.
New York Public Library (Celeste Bartos Forum)
455 5th Ave, New York
Tickets $25 (or $15 for students/seniors with ID)

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