While we're not sold on Bradley Cooper's latest outing with the Wolfpack, The Hangover Part II, PBS talk show host Charlie Rose about selling something else—movie scripts.

In addition to confirming his appearances in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's remake of The Crow and his wish to play Satan in director Alex Proyas' take on John Milton's Paradise Lost, Cooper revealed his desires to give both screenwriting and directing a shot. Last month, Elle Magazine caught the charismatic thespian in the middle of re-reading The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons, who he says is "just the greatest sci-fi writer." [Ed. note: Simmons is also a phenomenal horror author; both Carrion Comfort and Drood are must-reads.]

GK Films, which currently has the rights to Simmons' Hyperion series, recently received a spec script written by Cooper and a friend. So it seems as if his scribe dreams are more reality than fiction.

[Via CHUD]

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