Looking to snatch some more intriguing roles after the success of The Hangover and Limitless, Bradley Cooper's has his sights set on playing the Antichrist in Paradise Lost. Yeah, we didn't see this one coming, either.

Director Alex Proyas' take on John Milton's infamous 17th Century poem will focus on the heavenly war between archangels Michael and Lucifer, with the latter tempting Adam and Eve away from God's grace. While there's no offer out to Cooper just yet, Variety reports that he's eager to snatch the role since a lawsuit between The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media has put The Crow on hold.

You can imagine Bradley preparing for the role by slapping nuns, kicking babies down stairs, and making teen mothers shoplift for him. OK, maybe that's not true, but he's definitely gunning for the part.

The plan is to shoot Paradise Lost in 3D for a 2012 release.

[Via Movieline]

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