From Botox to Apple computers to sex tapes, celebrities have traditionally been the ones who've dictated what’s cool out here. Problems occur, however, if you’re trying to keep up. Celebrities have a reputation for being spastic, which means, what’s hot today can be ice cold by tomorrow.

There is, however, one activity that seemingly has never gone out of style throughout our 70-something-year obsession with celebrity: smoking. Not smoking weed, obviously, but cigarettes (though weed is very cool, it’s still very illegal). Since the black and white era, a cigarette in the hand of a celebrity has been the epitome of cool, and not much has changed.

Tomorrow is World No Tobacco Day, a day that encourages people to not intake any kind of tobacco. They might as well have called it World Be Square Day. The ideas of World No Tobacco Day literally go against everything celebrities have taught us. So, we say fuck that day, and ask that you join us while we celebrate smoking, by flooding you with a gang of pictures of actors, actresses, models, and anyone that mattered lighting up a cig. Joe Camel would be proud.

Tyra Banks

Christina Applegate

People Cruz

Sean Penn

Leonardo Dicaprio

Tim Roth

Cameron Diaz

Keither Sutherland

Anne Hathaway

Marilyn Monroe

Colin Farrell

Depp and Moss

Lindsay Lohan

Ewan Mcgregor

Jennifer Lopez

Angelina Jolie

Nicole Richie

Matt Damon

Barack Obama

Mary Kate

Katherine Heigl

Jessica Alba

Pamela Anderson

Charlie Sheen

Winona Ryder

Ricky Martin

Rat Pack

James Dean

Brad Pitt

Kurt Cobain

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