The first Spiderman game that ever went into the third dimension actually got it right. It’s probably because this web-headed adventure features all of your favorite heroes (Daredevil, The Human Torch, The Punisher) and all of your favorite Spidey villains (Mysterio, Carnage, Doc Oc) all in one game. The web-swinging was fluid, the fighting was excellent (for the time), and the story mode was ridiculous in a very comic booky way.

And then there was the other stuff: alternate costumes like Spiderman 2099, and Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider get-up, and a "What If" mode that altered the game to reveal different tasks and events. This was a Spiderman fan’s wet dream. It’s so good that Shattered Dimensions, as good as it is, can’t even touch it. And that’s saying a lot, because Shattered Dimensions is the shiiiiit.