In the box office bomb Furry Vengeance, a.k.a. Brendan Fraser’s Darkest Hour, the once-respectable actor completes his descent into shitsville as a real estate developer tormented by the non-human inhabitants of land upon which he’s developing property. What could’ve been a lighthearted and kiddy riff on Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is ultimately 2010’s most obnoxious movie, especially if you’re a fan of Cypress Hill.

Over 90 horrific minutes, animals repeatedly bite Fraser’s crotch, cause hot liquids to splash on his crotch, and leave him dangling from a tree inside a Port-A-John. Furry Vengeance actually becomes somewhat fun if you think of its animal cast (led by a squirrel, a bear, and a skunk) as attackers dispatched from cinematic hell, assigned to beat Fraser up for his many sins against moviegoers. We were this close to putting the chimp from 1997’s George Of The Jungle on this list, too.