Lost in the shuffle of the controversy about Wonder Woman's costume is the fact that the pilot script for the new NBC show is apparently not very good. Not that it matters now; there is a new script circulating the Internet and it's... well, not that much better.

io9 reports that the new script features some more violence, but still doesn't really nail the tone of Wonder Woman. Something this next rumor might fix. While speaking to MTV, Lynda Carter revealed that she might be up for a cameo in Wonder Woman. "I've talked to David E. Kelley, who's a brilliant writer, a number of times and we're hoping to plan something," Carter said. "But I cannot reveal [anything]. David E. Kelley is full of surprises, so you never know what's going to happen.” Translation: If the show gets picked up for series, expect to see Lynda Carter.

[via /Film]

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