Last year, Miramax unveiled a trailer for the American remake of the Israeli drama-thriller The Debt, starring Helen Mirren, Ciarán Hinds, Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Chastain, and Sam Worthington. However, with Disney selling Miramax to Filmyard Holdings last year, the film was put on the back burner. Until now.

With a new release date (August 31, 2011) in place, a slightly altered trailer has surfaced, although the clips from the movie are pretty much the same.

The story follows three Mossad agents who were sent out by the Israeli government in the ‘60s to capture and kill a former Nazi war criminal. After 30 years of venerated praise from its nation as heroes, the now-retired agents are faced with the news that not only is their former victim still alive, but he’s also willing to confess his deeds to the public, putting their reputation in jeopardy. The film traverses between the present and the past, interconnecting plot twists and unveiling secrets.

Despite the pic's lukewarm reviews thus far, we’re reserving judgment. Though, some of the sketchy accents are tough to ignore.