While he may have started out with small roles here and there, Nolan North has become the ubiquitous Voice of Video Games. He's The Prince (of Persia). Hades. The hero of every white-guy-up-against-impossible-odds game out there. Hell, by now it seems inevitable that he'll play Lara Croft. And when all those voices in your head start sounding exactly like Nathan Drake, then Nolan North has truly won. What it is exactly that's won, we're not sure. Other than bragging rights about portraying pretty much every video game character that’s existed over the past several years.

At any rate, given the man's prodigious output, we were forced to chart Mr. North’s most badass roles, because that’s really the best way to measure his career.  Be sure to read this in North’s voice for the full effect.

The Nolan North Badass-O-Meter

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