Okay, we've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news: You can all put down the pitchforks now, because Mad Men isn’t going anywhere! The AMC hit has been in a sort of limbo lately thanks to negotiations with Lionsgate, their production company, or something; Don Draper could have secured that shit in seconds, but whatever. Creator Matthew Weiner will be back, and at that, for seasons six and seven if the show goes on that long.

The new contract doesn’t detail any immediate budget cuts, so the entire cast will be back for season five with their crystal glasses of scotch in hand, and hopefully for a sixth run.

The bad news: We may have to wait until March 2012 for the new season. Like, a whole year. 365 days.

Mad Men episodes will also be about two minutes shorter, thanks to a clause in the new deal stating that two minutes of ad time would be added to the show. Weiner has been offered the opportunity to produce two versions of episodes, though, one 45-minute version to air on AMC and one 47-minute version to be offered online eight days later, which is basically just a glorified way of saying "director’s cut."

Whatever. At least it’s coming back!

[Via HitFix]