Video artist Laurel Nakadate's thing is inviting herself into the homes of lonely, middle-aged men and asking them to dance or sing, oftentimes while she's scantily clad. French philosopher Ruwen Ogien's thing is espousing a morality focused solely on the duty to not harm others. Monday evening they'll be talking about (bio)ethics, pornography, the undesirables in society, commodification and the body, and moral panic. Chances that this won't be eyebrow-raising? Hella slim.

(If you're interested in Nakadate's work, check out MoMA PS1 sometime before August 8. They're runnig an entire exhibtion dedicated to her right now.)

Get What You Want: Laurel Nakadate and Ruwen Ogien
Monday, April 18
7:30 p.m.
322 Union Ave, Brooklyn
$9 Suggested donation