30 years back, the Space Shuttle Columbia departed Earth for the first time. On this day, the anniversary of that flight, NASA announced the final homes for five of its space shuttles. What other devices of travel have stats like these notched into their bedposts? 1289 days in space. 132 missions. I knew a guy who drove a car he claimed had killed one bird and two squirrels. He was proud of these stats. It's too bad that the final resting places for one of these shuttles isn't on top of his house.

Space Shuttle Discovery will park itself at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Go figure.

Space Shuttle Atlantis, rather than being sunk to the bottom of the ocean to serve as a Snork playground, will live at the Kennedy Space Center, its original garage.

Space Shuttle Endeavor is journeying to Miami where it will be converted into a studio where Rick Ross will record his entire next album, Rings of Rozay. Nah, it's going to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. But wouldn't it be pretty to think it wasn't?

The Enterprise prototype is going to Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in Manhattan. Because real recognize real. (Though if the space shuttle really wanted to honor this maxim, it would park above the Kennedy Fried Chicken near the C stop in Bed-Stuy. That place is so real.)

[via Crunch Gear]