Based on the international success of Fast Five (which is already selling massive amounts of tickets overseas), director Justin Lin's phone is ringing off the hook. Yesterday in Hollywood, movie studios formally started bidding on the rights to an as-yet-unwritten movie that would highlight Arnold Schwarzenegger's return as the Terminator under Lin's direction.

Several studios, including Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate, are vying to revive one of Hollywood's most iconic sci-fi franchises. Which basically means that once a studio pays the upfront price tag of a $25 million ($36 million to purchase), a fifth Terminator film is on the way quicker than you can say "SkyNet Sucks."

Word is that a screenwriter has not yet jumped aboard the project, but there is a treatment laying around by original Terminator co-writer William Wisher.

Are you excited to see the Governator reprise his role as the iconic cyborg? 

[Via Deadline]