Assassinated By: Lee Harvey Oswald
Cause of Death: Gunshots

Oliver Stone loves to shake things up, and the conspiracy-laden JFK is the filmmaker at his most polarizing and controversial. Through tense courtroom debates and black-and-white reenactments, Stone dramatizes all of the intrigue that surrounded President John F. Kennedy's assassination, framing history in his own heated lens.

For the movie's defining moment, Stone chose to follow convicted JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald (Gary Oldman) in a flashback recounted through courtroom testimony. An elaborate theory is presented that shows Oswald's intricate plot, a strategically maneuvered transition from unseen gunman to inconspicuous passerby.

We never see the bullets actually strike JFK dead, but we don't need to—that old archival footage of his final moments in Dallas, Texas, are engrained into the popular conscious enough already.

We'll say one thing about Stone: He might love pissing off the establishment, but he's not gratuitous.

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