Assassinated By: Female assassin hired by a fallen drug lord's family
Cause of Death: Throat gets slit open

Oh, Hype Williams—what the hell happened to you? The once-innovative music video director used to crank out game-changing clips with ease; today, though, his work—from Ke$ha's shoddy-looking "We R Who We R" to Lil Wayne's uneventful "6' 7""—lacks even a shred of that old creativeness. To see just how visually stunning his output used to be, revisit his sole feature film, Belly.

Top to bottom, Belly looks pristine, combining glowing cinematography with lively camerawork. OK, so everything that happens in the DMX/Nas movie steals from classic drug and/or mob movies, but at least Williams makes it all shine. Just watch this darkly-lit, atmospheric siege upon drug lord Ox's mansion, which is a poor man's version of Scarface's final scene. Cloaked in shadows and darkness, Ox shoots down several intruders with his infrared scope, before a silent female assassin pounces on him from behind and cuts his throat like a piece of meat.

If a filmmaker is going to blatantly rip off an iconic movie scene, they might as well do with as much flash and flair as Williams does here. Unlike the lazy Inception jack in Weezy's "6' 7"" video—damn, Hype!