Assassinated By: Armed members of the Nation of Islam
Cause of Death: Multiple gunshots, received while giving a speech

Some might argue that any one of several powerful scenes in Do The Right Thing is Spike Lee's most visceral moment. For us, though, that honor goes to the Audubon Ballroom sequence in his excellent biopic Malcolm X.

Like in all biographical films about slain heroes, this one's tragic outcome isn't a surprise. Anyone who knows the civil rights fighter's story should see it coming from the second Lee's action enters the Audubon. Lee doesn't rest on his laurels, though; setting the event's frantic and nightmarish mood, he takes his time to build the room's crowded feel and its post-shooting eruption into a near riot.

This one scene alone is more explosive than the entirety of Lee's war movie, 2008's Miracle At St. Anna, proving that the Knicks' biggest fan has seen better days.