Assassinated By: Kate Reynolds
Cause of Death: Stabbed in the back with a knife

Talk about anticlimactic: Damien, the Devil incarnate, is killed by a female journalist. Not a cross-wielding priest, or an angel in human flesh, but a wannabe Diane Sawyer who looks pretty hot in her business casual sport-suits. Even though Damien's assassination is a bit underwhelming in the Biblical sense, the scene still plays out with a bizarre toughness in the mediocre horror sequel Omen III: The Final Conflict.

In Damien's (played by Sam Neill) defense, he does manage to slip in one last "fuck you" to the man upstairs. The Hell-spawn challenges Christ to show his face and fight like a heavenly man, but the duel is cancelled once the journalist rams a knife into Damien's back. He doesn't scream like a bitch, though; rather, Damien emits a series of demonic shrieks and other strange sounds, before laughing at Christ—who's finally shown up—and firing one last pot-shot: "You have won nothing." Consider it a draw.