Assassinated By: The Gypsies
Cause of Death: Shot by gunmen hiding in his limousine

Guy Ritchie’s eccentric gangster pic Snatch is full of memorable characters, not least of which is Brad Pitt’s mumbling boxer, Mickey O’Neil. If we had to pick our favorite, it wouldn’t be Pitt—it’d be Alan Ford’s crime boss Brick Top, who rules the city with excessive profanity and unwavering smugness.

Mr. Top catches wind of Mickey’s devastating knockout punch and sees dollar signs, placing bets on Mick’s fights after threatening the lives of the pugilist and his family if he disobeys the brawls’ fixed arrangements. At one point, Mickey refuses to step into the ring, so Brick has his thugs burn the fighter’s mother’s house to the ground.

Mickey isn’t the simple-minded gypsy he appears to be, though. He fudges Brick’s plans and screws him out of large cash sums by winning a bout in the first round. Pissed off, Brick heads outside to his limousine where he’s met by gypsies with shotguns.