Assassinated By: The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
Cause of Death: Ambush with machine guns

Usually more than willing to show a scene's graphic bits, Quentin Tarantino opts for a more suggestive approach in the flashback opening of Kill Bill Vol. 2. After a long and definitively Tarantino dialogue exchange between The Bride (Uma Thurman) and Bill (David Carradine), her wedding rehearsal is cut short by Bill's Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, the secret society that she used to rep.

Parts of the wedding chapel massacre are shown in flashback-form in Kill Bill Vol. 1, so Tarantino must've felt it'd be too gratuitous to show the entire slaughter. Wise move. As it is, the way his camera pans back to an ascending bird's-eye view as the guns burst and victims scream works incredibly well. It's a nice change of pace into subtleness for the Kill Bill double feature, which includes Thurman pulling a man's eye out to initiate a black-and-white color shift. Not that we're complaining; that shit's cool as hell.