Experiencing Sean riff on "feminism and all that" while swaying back and forth in the manner of someone with autism is like resurrecting your great-great-grandfather to have him discourse on homosexuality. Most likely, you, the listener, will become trapped in a maelstrom of casually tossed off slurs, incorrect statements that, at best, are only mildly offensive, and good old fashioned hate.

So welcome to Sean's bathroom funhouse, a place supportive of "equal rights for women and shit," but also a strained place where, because the scales have been flipped, "men are still expected to be chivalry." Sean, we'd be pissed off if we'd suffered so poorly at the hands of whoever gifted us English, too.

Essentially, Sean is a very old that guy archetype. He should be looking into the mirror and saying, not "You don't have to make us samitches any mo'," but rather: "You taught me language; and my profit on't / Is, I know how to curse." That's straight Caliban status, Sean. The Big Shakespeare invented you.