For every user-created video on YouTube that doesn't make you want to grab a bottle of Dramamine, there are 20 shakier than a thumb wrestling match between Muhammed Ali and Michael J. Fox. The good folks at YouTube would like change all that. 

The Google-owned company announced yesterday that it purchased Green Parrot Pictures, a Dublin, Ireland-based digital video company founded by Anil Kokaram, an associate professor at the Engineering School of Trinity College. The company's tech has already found its way into many motion pictures including Lord of the Rings and X-Men

YouTube plans to work with Green Parrot on developing a technology that will improve the quality of user-submitted videos—sharpening the image, reducing noise, altogether producing higher-quality video. 

There's no word on when this tech will be available, but in the mean time take a look at the above video to see an example Green Parrot's current stabilization technology. 

[via Tom's Hardware