Complex Says: You know a demo is good when gamers still have the joint saved to their hard drives months after release. It only gives you one stage and one mode, but did that stop the oncoming addiction for this classic? Nope! Pac-Man is as timeless and memorable as any other video game out there, and Championship Edition DX came with a bunch of new modes and playstyles that were upgraded from the last downloadable entry. A quick burst through the sample maze was good enough to make us come up off our hard-earned digital bucks.
Demo Score: 100
Did The Full Game Live Up To The Hype?: Ya think? Pac-Man got souped up with a new power goblet and kept on winning. The new stages were creative, the gameplay was frantic, and the music was catchy. The OG Wakka Wakka became even more fun. Still a must-cop.

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