Though the first trailer for Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides dropped last year, with only two months away from its release (May 20th), a second preview surfaced, showing what we’ve been expecting: witty characters, swampy settings, and mystical creatures.

Even if it doesn’t garner the critical praise its predecessors achieved, folks love dropping coin to watch Johnny Depp ham it up as Captain Jack Sparrow, so On Stranger Tides is pretty much guaranteed to own the box office this summer. Disney knows this, and so does Jerry Bruckheimer, the storied producer behind the fantasy-boat-ride-inspired franchise.

Since the film centers on Jack Sparrow’s solo quest to find the fountain of youth, neither Orlando Bloom (good riddance) nor Keira Knightley (we'll miss thee) will star in this installment, but who really cares when the venerable Geoffrey Rush is returning as Captain Barbossa, Ian McShane (Deadwood) has stepped in to play the villain, Blackbeard, and the ever-sexy Penelope Cruz has taken over the female lead? On the whole, though, On Stranger Tides appears to be more of the same: lofty effects, middling wisecracks, and Depp gnawing through scenery. 

Besides the interplay between Depp and Cruz, one thing we're interested in seeing are the mermaids (much better than pirates with tentacle faces). It must come with a hefty price tag to make half-fish creatures look official, as well as hot. Considering that we'll all be forced to waste extra bucks on crappy 3D glasses just to watch the mermaids in action, they better look good.