We know it's a busy gaming spring, and we know there are a ton of titles you may never have time to try. But we also know that you can't get the Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 in stores, and we're prepared to give you a copy, so you're just gonna have to suck it up and try to win it. See, now that Complex Gaming has its very own Twitter feed, we want followers. Many followers. MILLIONS of new followers. Though we'd be happy with starting small. So in order to win the game, just follow these steps.

1. Follow @ComplexVG on Twitter

2. Let us know why you want a copy by Tweeting it at us, beginning as such (without quotes): ".@ComplexVG I want the #Killzone3 Helghast Edition because..." 

3. Be creative! 

4. We're not legally allowed to ask you to send us pictures of your girlfriend. So, uh, don't. Unless you want to have a better chance of winning! We're kidding. Or are we? No, we are. Or are we? YOU MAY NEVER KNOW.

Seriously, so easy, the Helghast could do it. So get to it! Oh, and the special edition includes this here awesome stuff:

• Authentic Helghast Helmet replica opens to reveal art book, Super Voucher and game
• Exclusive Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure is 6.5” tall with multiple articulation points (not sold at retail)
• Exclusive art book featuring imagery from the Killzone universe.
• Super Voucher includes:
• Killzone 3 soundtrack & PS3 dynamic theme
• Retro Map Pack featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2
• Bonus video content giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game.