Last week we reported that Catherine was selling extremely well in Japan, and it looks like we’ll get to see if the same thing happens in North America this summer. While not officially announced, internet spies noticed Catherine product pages on both the EB Games and Gamestop websites.  The listings—which had a release date of July 26—have since been taken down.  Subscribers of the Atlus USA newsletter also got a teasing email last week that contained nothing but the message “Do you still like us?” set against a pink background. In any case, it looks like westerners will get the chance to navigate Atlus’ crazy sexy nightmare of a game at some point. Is it just us, or is this beginning to feel like Snakes on a Plane? We mean in the good way, not in the get-everyone's-hopes-up-then-be-a-steaming-pile-of-crap way. [via Silicon Era]