Location: 324 West 35th Street, Chicago
Opened: 1919
Demolished: 1991
Current Status: Parking lot for US Cellular Field
Nickname: "The Baseball Palace of the World"
Famed Tenants: Chicago White Sox (MLB) (1910-1990), Chicago Cubs (MLB) (1918 World Series), Chicago Cardinals (NFL) (1922-1925), (1929-1959)

Iffy Neighborhood Hosted World Championship Multi-Sport Architectural Marvel

From the '70s until its demolition in 1991, Comiskey was the oldest MLB park in use and had all of the charm, small seats, and cramped concourses that go with that title. But for over 6,000 major league games, White Sox fans still love Old Comiskey, one of the last great family-owned ballparks.

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