In hilarious classics like Stripes and Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is at his best when he’s acting in his haughty “I can care less” disposition. Yet, the problem—well, one of many problems—in Garfield: The Movie is that Murray himself doesn’t seem to give a shit. He’s just collecting a quick, easy buck while tarnishing the legacy of one our favorite Saturday morning ’toon characters.

Garfield  plays like the movie’s producers thought kids would go nuts for Murray’s dry sense of humor, but then tried coming up with Murray-esque jokes themselves and flashed enough zeros in front of the comedy legend’s face that he didn’t bother to suggest revisions. The result is just a fat animated cat that thinks it’s cooler than it really is, next to Jennifer Love Hewitt struggling to find a pulse in her useless human character.

Why wasn’t Garfield: The Movie made back when people actually gave a shit about the feline? Yes, Murray-as-Garfield eats the scenery like it's Tender Vittles; too bad the box is stale.

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