If the whole Hollywood thing ever loses its appeal, Zack Snyder should really think about a career in video game design. Even though he’s known for taking on existing properties, the director of such supercharged fanboy blessings as the Dawn Of The Dead remake, 300, and Watchmen has one hell of an imagination.

Snyder’s gonzo ideas are on full display in Sucker Punch (in theaters this weekend), his first original movie, based on a script he co-wrote off his own idea. And it’s all over the place, bouncing around from a teenage boy’s wet dream (five hotties with guns for the price of one) to Manga influences to Lord Of The Rings set-ups minus any regality or little people. Just fire-breathing dragons and armored soldiers wielding swords.

Left to his own devices, Snyder crams Sucker Punch with any and everything: Nazi zombies wearing gas masks for no reason, C-3PO clones armed with handguns, giant Samurai demons lugging around mammoth Gatling guns. The only thing that’s missing is a coherent story. Sucker Punch looks and feels like the product of a video game geek taking full advantage of a big Hollywood budget and top-notch special effects. But does it work as a plot-driven movie? Not quite.

Which isn’t to say that Snyder’s sensory overload isn’t a damn good time—one just needs to flip the mental “off” switch before slathering popcorn in processed butter. Yet, it’s impossible not to think that Sucker Punch would truly kick ass as a video game, not a motion picture. Each hallucinatory action sequence starts with the gorgeous ladies mowing down evil minions and ends with a larger foe being defeated—it’s pretty much like Super Mario Bros., but way hotter. Sucker Punch is the latest in a deep line of similar missed gaming opportunities, ten of which we’ve gathered here. Let the games begin.