Most torrent sites are not user-friendly. Anyone who's had any experience with them know that, more often than not, form follows painfully slow behind function, usually scaring away new Bit Torrent users in the process. Torrent Bulter looks to change all that.

"With torrents the search experience is pretty bad. You’re basically spitting through long textual listings, with a lot of repetition and no visual cues whatsoever," the site's founder told Torrent Freak. "The lists are not very inspiring, and when you want to have a look at the trailer you have to do another manual search for it. So we fixed that problem and built Torrent Butler."

A new torrent site focusing solely on movies, Torrent Butler borrows heavily from Apple's iTunes Store. The site allows users to browse through tons of films via its visually attractive layout. Movies are represented by large movie posters. At the bottom, there are over twenty categories—including comedy, drama, crime, documentary, and erotic—for people to click through.

Once you choose a movie, you're brought to the movie's page which features a brief description, all relevant movie info (release date, director, stars), and even a trailer. Click on "Torrents" and you're given a number of torrent download options for high definition and standard definition versions of the movie. It's simple.

It's so simple, anyone can use it, and that may be frightening to movie execs. The majority of torrent downloaders are technically savvy, but with Torrent Butler, finding and downloading a movie is nearly as simple as buying a movie through iTunes. “I often think why no-one else has built this before, because it’s such a simple and obvious solution,” the site’s founder said. “So I think it’s pretty big, until the studios finally figure out that they should just create something like this themselves."

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