Corroborating earlier reports of a down-sized new iPhone, The Wall Street Journal delivers new intel on a device it says will be half the size of the current iPhone and cost half the price. While the Journal doesn't get as specific as the $200 off-contract price point that we heard earlier, they do suggest that a version of the phone sold on contract could be cheap enough to be given away.

We also get some interesting news re: MobileMe, Apple's nifty cloud service for personal data storage and GPS phone tracking. Currently, iPhone users have to pay an extra $99 for the service, but according to the Journal, Apple is considering making it free for everyone. MobileMe's features, including "Find My iPhone" have always felt like they should be every iPhone owner's due, so a free version is certainly welcome news.

And, of course, any time we here news regarding Apple and the cloud, we always get a mention of Lala. Remember Lala? The awesome music service that let you stream your personal music collection on any computer via the Web? The one that Apple bought back in 2009, summarily shut down and we never heard from again? The Journal thinks the fabled, Lala-inspired iTunes cloud service and the new MobileMe could be related. We'll believe it when we see it, but as far as neither-confirmed-nor-denied Apple rumors go, these all sound pretty good to us.

With a leak stream this steady, we should be hearing something official from Cupertino sooner rather than later.


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