Food carts are all the rage these days, the more specialized and "exotic" the better (dosas anyone?). They've got their own Twitter feeds and their own blog franchises (dosas anyone?). They are, to borrow a pun that's doubtless been used to describe them before, the flavor of the month. But somehow I don't think the "Home Depot" halal cart on 23rd Street (a.k.a. "Kenny's front porch") is gonna end up on Anthony Bourdain's show, or have people stabbing each other over their spot in line. Which you would have to assume is quite alright with the cart's owners.

After introducing myself to Samuel from Egypt and telling him I "hope his family's ok" (and getting the obligatory "You gotta be fucking kidding me" stare I've grown accustomed to receiving when I make a comment about shit I really shouldn't be commenting on), I ordered the halal cart standard: chicken over rice, with white and red (sauce). You get a little more than that though: lettuce, tomato, a few stray French fries, and a lone falafel to top it all off. I've actually never ordered this cart staple before, but I've had plenty of chicken on a stick (ayo?), and while the poultry at the "Home Depot" cart had that similar fatty, chewy consistency, the dish as a whole was excellent. The tzatziki is the star of the show, of course, but I was surprised by how much the nominally superfluous shredded lettuce added to the mixture. All in all, a good, filling look for $5 on a shitty day. Now if they'd just open up a real bougie cupcake stand down the street...

"Chicken with rice, white and red" ($5 as pictured)
The "Home Depot" Halal Cart
In front of the Home Depot, 23rd St.