toyletsSega is venturing into uncharted territory with their latest gaming project (no Naughty Dog). According to Akihabara News, the Japanese company is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "pissed off" with Toylets, a hardware system that utilizes your—uh, let's call it "flow"—to  play a variety of games.

The four games Sega has revealed info on are:

Manneken Pis: Translates the pressure of your stream into how much urine you actually excreted. Not sure who would want to know this, but we guess it could make for a fun bar game.

Graffiti Eraser: Spray to remove graffiti. What? Graf ain't a game, son! It's an ARTFORM. #hiphoppurist

The North Wind and Her: Your urine controls a burst of wind that attempts to blow a dress off a girl. The harder you blow, the more she'll show. Or, if you're a '90s rapper: the more power you (have), the more power-U!
Milk from Nose: A faux-sumo game in which two characters blow milk out of their noses to push the other out of the ring. If you have a stronger stream than the guy who used the urinal before, you then you win. Kinda weird—but who are we to judge?

The bad news—assuming you can't wait to become a pee jockey—is that Toylets is only slated for a few bathrooms in Tokyo right now. But once these hit the States, we'll be first in line. We also have a few more games in mind that we think could be adapted without even changing the name:

WarioLand: Shake It!
Super Tecmo Bowl

[Akihabara News]

By Branden J. Peters