OK, so here’s where things got a little more complicated. For both consoles, a modchip was a pretty much a necessity. Most of us weren’t willing to actually open up the box and solder points onto a board, since that required both effort and know-how. So instead, you paid modders to do our dirty work, just like Chicago politicians. People could burn games for the PS2, but the real fun was on the Xbox since it was more HDD-based; modders dumped tons of games into the box, and they implemented a custom UI for navigation.

That's one thing you've gotta say about piracy: it does bring groups together. Based on our totally scientific game-forum-lurking, Sony fanboys are more left-leaning weeaboos, while Xbots seem to be right-wing pro-American jingoists. But both factions can agree on one thing: piracy = free games. Everyone’s a cheapskate, and both sides have t3h pirateZ. Solidarity!

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