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When Apple ran its now legendary 1984 Super Bowl commercial, it painted IBM as an oppressive industrial regime from which the Macintosh was going to save us all. Twenty-seven years later, Motorola believes the tables have turned and that you need to be saved from Apple.

With its new Super Bowl spot, Goodbye 1984, Motorola is pledging to deliver people from a world where Steve Jobs' company dictates how you consume your media, where you buy that media, what type of media you can use, and how your media gadgets are suppose to look. And how does it intend to do that? With its upcoming dual-core processor rockin', Android 3.0-running Xoom tablet. Does the computer world need to be broken free from Apple? We don't think so.

That said, reports came back today putting Apple at the top of the tablet market with a market share topping 70%, but with some ground loss to Android-powered machines. At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, the convention was overrun by competing tablets looking to creep up on the iPad, and with Android growing in popularity, it seems 2011 may be the year Android-powered devices start breathing down the neck of iOS devices. We'll see. For now, peep Motorola's dope new ad and let us know what you think in the comments.