Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins, Angela Bassett
Release Date: June 17
Why we’re excited: Aside from Christopher Nolan’s cash-hoarding Batman universe, DC Comics has struggled to compete with Marvel’s recent comic-to-film surge. Here’s the company’s best chance to get some of that Iron-Man-money. Scarlett Johansson’s former hubbie Ryan Reynolds (damn, that’s gotta sting) plays Hal Jordan, a test pilot who becomes the high-flying Green Lantern after receiving a magic space ring. The tone feels even lighter than Iron Man, with Reynolds cracking one-liners and the action staged as part physical comedy, part visual effects spectacle. Could either be fun or obnoxious, but, hey, there’s no way it’ll be as bad as last summer’s DC bomb that shall remain nameless. Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “bonah sex.”

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