Memo to Sooners, Trojans, Gators, and Crimson Tides (ewww, gross!): y'all ain't winning the national championship in football this year. Nope, that title is going to the Ducks in 2010, specifically the University of Oregon Ducks (well, either them or TCU). Undefeated, with just three more wins needed to clinch a BCS title game berth, Oregon is the class of the college football world right now (and they did it without paying their quarterback—shots!). But what if, what if the Ducks pull a Patriots and fall flat in January? Will the Beaver State (hehe) be inconsolable? Of course not, because it's got some of the most beautiful women in the land. Now check out state's back-up claim to fame if the Ducks crap out in the BCS: the 10 hottest women from Oregon.