kinectFrom the User Error We Saw Coming From A Mile Away But Still Think It's Funny To Talk About And Accompany With A Poorly Photoshopped Image Department: People are fucking themselves up playing Kinect games on their Xbox 360s. [MSNBC]

We love Def Jam Rapstar, but we didn't love that it only had one Wu song, "C.R.E.A.M." (we're not counting "Da Rockwilder" or "You're All I Need"). Thank you, DLC, for bleeding us dry rectifying the situation. [Destructoid]

We still don't have a date for Gran Turismo 5, or whether it'll even be out in 2010, but at least we have proof that it exists: an online gameplay video has risen to the surface of the cesspool we call the intertoobs. [Operation Sports]

Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops is out, the big homie Sandy Ravage at it again, fucking people up worse than a Kinect game x a low ceiling. [YouTube]

Racing game peripherals are just getting worse and worse. Except for that awesome Crazy Taxi Hotbox Cabin we're gonna fill with kush smoke when the game comes out. [Dvice]