The above image may look like an early developer sketch for Mass Effect, but it's actually a part of Apple's latest patent application for a technology with the goal of "automatically generating a book describing a user's video game performance." Apple wants gamers who spend hours upon hours trying to beat a game to be able to have a keepsake, a memento that lets them look back on their perilous journey. The digital comic would include images and moments from the game. And it looks like they plan to license out the technology as they tested it out using the popular RPG Mass Effect. Steve Jobs domination continues.[Apple Insider]

Those of you using Windows 7 can test drive the cleaned-up Internet Explorer 9 Beta. The rest of you have to keep using Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari. [CNet]

$300 for the upcoming 8-inch, Android-powered, Asus tablet? Dope. [Engadget]

Which rapper is going to cop the world's first million-dollar cell phone? We got money on Birdman [GSM Arena]

Done with BlackBerry, India is now going after Google and Skype messaging. [Reuters]

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