The rift between Google and Microsoft keeps growing. Reports coming out of China have the search giant replacing all its Windows computers with Macs and Linux workstations due to security concerns. Back in January, Google's Chinese base was hacked when a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser was exploited. See! This has nothing to do with Google's Chrome operating system dropping this fall, or its fight to get corporations to replace Office with Google Docs. Riiight. [Reuters]

• Those of you waiting to watch 30 Rock and The Office on your iPad...keep waiting. [NY Times]

• If your professor barks on you for using Wikipedia as a source, cite this article. [Live Science]

• A dumb-ass Cali woman proves Google beta services really are in beta. [AOL News]

• In AT&T FAIL news: New data plans. [Boy Genius Report]

• Next time you want to put a company on blast on Twitter or Facebook, call a lawyer. Kalina! [NY Times]

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