In her new movie Cyrus, in theaters Friday, Marisa Tomei plays the ever-single mother/BFF of the socially awkward title character played by Jonah Hill. While it's hard to believe that someone like Hill would ever come out of a chick like Tomei, we completely understand his character's desire to maintain a super-tight/borderline creepy relationship with his mom. If Marisa Tomei were our mom, we'd also like to be the only one she'd ever hug and kiss and caress good night (in the least incestuous way possible, of course).

Actually, it already feels like we've spent a lifetime with Marisa. Since her rise to fame in '80s dramedys, we've only seen her get hotter, culminating with her Oscar-nominated role as a stripper in last year's The Wrestler. And if, at 45 years old, she can still look more enticing than girls half her age, then there's absolutely no reason why she doesn't deserve to be inducted into Complex's Wifey Hall of Fame. And we don't even have to break off any engagements to do it!