We know, like you should, that mobile everything is the future. And yes, that goes for games as well. Here are some numbers: By 2014, the mobile phone gaming industry will reach $11.7 billion. Wait, here's some more: out of all the mobile phone users in America, 54% of them play games on their mobiles, and 45% of them paid cash money for them. It's big business! Word to Swizzy. That's why the market has completely exploded. All the major phone platforms—iPhone, Android, WebOS, Symbian—boast a large number of games with more on the way. To help you wade through all of this, we present to you Mobile Check-In, a new feature where we bring you the hottest new mobile games for a certain plaform. First up: iPhone (and iPod Touch, for the people who like completing their phone calls). Keep reading to see our five picks, gameplay footage, and Buy it Now info.


TITLE: Assassin's Creed II Discovery
GENRE: Action
COMPLEX SAYS: With games like Doodle Jump, Reign of Swords Episode 2, and, of course, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, the critics kept quiet and the iPhone got the okay from gamers. However, when Ubisoft announced the iPhone's first step into the major leagues, Assassin's Creed II, the peanut gallery went nuts again. Since its release, we've heard nothing but good things. Plus, we're pretty sure the some hardcore gamers are happy to iTouch something besides themselves for a bit.

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TITLE: Warheads
GENRE: Arcade
COMPLEX SAYS: If you're a big fan of Pangea Software—which you should be—or if you're a fan of Missile Command, then you'll be a fan of Warheads. With the gameplay of Missile Command, blasting falling rockets, and upgraded graphics, this title is an easy win. What, you still don't get the game? It's like what your frat brothers did to you during hazing, only you're being shot from above with rockets and you don't just sit there and take it—you sick bastard.

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TITLE: Red Bull Racing Challenge
GENRE: Racing
COMPLEX SAYS: Who can't appreciate a good Formula One x Red Bull game? Especially with the 2010 Formula 1 season about to kick off. Sure, high speeds and energy drinks seem like a bad combination, but fuck it, we're amped right now!!! No, we weren't sent five cases of Red Bull to promote this—and we certainly didn't finish it all! HAHAHA, wait, does anyone else hear that ringing? Why is the room blurry? But, seriously, this is a great game. Especially at $2.99!

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TITLE: N.O.V.A: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
GENRE: First-Person Shooter
COMPLEX SAYS: To us, it's a no-brainer for Bungie to make a Halo On-the-Go (Bungie, don't you dare steal that title) for Microsoft's Zune HD. However, since both companies seem intent on not gettin' that mobile guap, try N.O.V.A. on for size, a first-person shooter set in space. Get intergalactic! (No Cudi).

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TITLE: Broken Sword: Director's Cut
GENRE: Point and Tap Adventure
COMPLEX SAYS: Tired of the l33t fleet casting aspersions on your gamer credibility? If you play games like this, maybe they'll finally stop. Seriously though, if you're a fan of its Wii and Nintendo DS predecessor like we are, then you know how awesome this is. With a visual update by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame, and 20% longer gameplay, at $6.99 it will make your commute a lot more fun. Now go out there and download it and stop getting clowned!

BUY IT NOW FOR $6.99!!!