Welcome to Mobile Handheld Check-In, where every week month we bring you the latest and greatest in handheld console gaming. We've already showed you the hottest games out this month for the iPhone, Android, and webOS mobile platforms, so let's take it away from phones for a second.

After Sony introduced the PSP Go last year, which eschewed UMD discs for downloadable games, PSP fanboys bemoaned the loss of physical media. Meanwhile, DS fans were faced with the same old deluge of shovelware (Pony Friends 2? Really?). The thing is, there's plenty of fire out there for both consoles, you just have to know where to look. And that's where we come in. If you don't have a smartphone—or you just like REAL video games and not anemic tilt-based racers—read on. We'll know we've done our part when we see you on the subway grimacing as you fiddle with your buttons...


TITLE: Ace Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
GENRE: Adventure
COMPLEX SAYS: Not only is AAIME a great detective game, it happens to be one of the better games for the Nintendo DS. Sure, dude dresses like a Purple Rain stunt double and has weird poses, but he makes us feel like we're geniuses! Especially when he yells lawyer words like "OBJECTION!" Silly purple ruffled-suit man and your made-up words, you so craaaazy!
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TITLE: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
GENRE: Racing
COMPLEX SAYS: This may just be white noise or something, but why does a hedgehog that's as fast as the speed of sound bother racing anyone? More importantly, why is he driving a car? Especially because he doesn't look like a great driver (just judging from the video). So many questions! We're just happy SEGA finally up and made this game. With racers from Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Super Monkey Ball, and Nights, Mario Kart has got some competition.
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TITLE: Bejeweled Twist
GENRE: Puzzle
COMPLEX SAYS: Bejeweled Twist has no real differences between the others in the series besides different game modes. However at $19.82 on Amazon and gameplay that will get you from point A to B (and maybe some bruised fingertips), this game is a gem (see how we did that?! Clever, we know.).
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TITLE: SOCOM: US NAVY SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3
GENRE: First-Person Shooter
COMPLEX SAYS: Not only does SUNSFB3 have a very long name, but it finally (finally!) proves that a shooter can make suprisingly good use of the PSP controls, Just don't be surprised if people look at you when you scream "Oh, shit! Bravo idiots, get the fuck outta there!" What? Can't a dude get a little game rage?
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TITLE: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
GENRE: Adventure
COMPLEX SAYS: What's great about having a Silent Hill game on the go is it's probably the first time you won't feel like the biggest pussy in the world. Mostly because you're almost always guaranteed to be playing it outside, around people, and during the day light. However, we do have to pick a bone with the series. Why do people keep going back to that town?!
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