Hot Tub Time Machine (evaluated prematurely by Ayo! Scott here) is part hot tub movie, part time machine movie. According to Lizzy Caplan, the sexy actress who appears in the movie and in the April/May issue of Complex, the hot tub part is a danger to your private parts. Peep an excerpt from her upcoming Hot Complex interview:

Complex: So, about Hot Tub Time know you can catch infections in there, right? Hot tubs, I mean, not time machines.
Lizzy Caplan: I was actually just speaking to a doctor about this. It's all just bubbling up and into your body parts. Stay away from the hot tub!

So there you have it: Don't get in a jacuzzi unless you want something gnarly to work its way into your colon. Take medical advice from an actor. They know everything.

Read Lizzy's complete Hot Complex interview in the April/May 2010 issue of Complex!