Yesterday, the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor finally wrapped up. While the opposing Republican Senators didn't make much of a dent in blocking her confirmation, they did manage to advance what seems like their lifelong mission: making themselves look like huge racists.

Ironically, their questioning of Judge Sotomayor revolved primarily around attempts to make her out to be a racist who was ready to discriminate against white people. And whenever the nearly all-white Republican party tries to talk about race, an entertaining comedy of errors is bound to take place. In case you missed the hearings, take a look back at our picks for The 5 Most Racist Moments of Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings...

#5. Arizona Senator John Kyl Pretends Sotomayor's Entire 17-Year Career Doesn't Exist
In a move that was repeated throughout the hearings, Senator Kyl began his questioning by lecturing the Judge for 10 minutes about her 10-second "wise Latina" comment. Most Republican senators seemed convinced that this one off-hand comment about her heritage was more telling about her decision making process than, you know, her actual decisions. The GOP message: no matter what they do, minorities always have a secret agenda to take down the white man. Watch out!

#4. South Carolina Senator Lyndsey Graham Thinks Sotomayor Is A Hot-Blooded Latina
After reading a ridiculous list of insults from completely anonymous critics, Graham theorized that she "sticks out like a sore thumb...because of [her] temperament," asking her, "Do you think you have a temperament problem?" Clearly, being assertive would not be a problem for a white male, but when it comes to a Latina woman, it raises a red flag for the GOP. Granted, this could be taken as either sexist or racist...and we're gonna go with both.

#3. Republican Senators Repeatedly Compare Her To Miguel Estrada
In this pathetic attempt to prove that they're not racist, Republicans come off as even more racist. Multiple Senators brought up the fact that they would have gladly voted for their boy Miguel Estrada, an ultra-conservative Honduran-American judge who Bush attempted to nominate to the circuit court in 2003. Estrada and Sotomayor have basically nothing in common except, you know...they're both Hispanic. This is the political version of "Some of my best friends are black people!"

#2. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is Shocked To Discover That All Puerto Rican Judges Don't Vote Alike
Sessions lectures Sotomayor for not ruling in the New Haven case the same way as another judge, José Cabranes, making sure to note that he is Puerto Rican just like her. It's also worth noting that Sessions was himself rejected as a Federal Court nominee in the '80s after it was proven that he is in fact a huge racist. How the fuck is this guy still in politics? Oh right, Alabama. Makes sense.

#1. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Channels Ricky Ricardo
In the most hilariously sad moment of the hearings, Coburn references I Love Lucy's Ricky Ricardo, who must be his favorite Latino celebrity. Sonnnnia, you've got some 'splainin' to do!!

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