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After over 30 years of association with CNN, Lou Dobbs resigned his post yesterday as in-house xenophobe, and will now most likely head over to FOX. While unsurprising, it's not entirely clear what closed the deal for his pink slip. Perhaps it was the continual calls for his ouster by opponents, or maybe it was the gun shots fired at his New Jersey home last month. Whatever the case, adios, cabrón!

The patronizing pseudo-journalist built his recent career around fomenting fear and hatred towards "illegal" undocumented workers who probably helped supply many of the fruits and vegetables he ate in his 300-acre upscale horse farm. While identifying himself as part of the conveniently-ambiguous "independent" political movement, it was clear that Lou "I'm married to a Latina, so I can't be racist" Dobbs, was dealing with anger issues as an aging white man clinging to the good ol' days. So, to celebrate his overdue departure, here's a look at some of the events leading up to his exit...

Calls Opponents Out Of Their "Cotton Picking Mind"
• Although Dobbs dedicated much of his program to bashing Mexican immigrants, the Texas native couldn't shake some of his good ol' boy habits when referring to African-American political opponents. In a classic case of Freudian slips, he begins to racially slur Condi Rice before catching himself after realizing he was on national TV and not at the country club. Soon after, while speaking about Congressman Benny Thompson, he just couldn't hold back.

Distorts Leprosy Reports
• To heighten his smear campaign, "Leprosy Lou" claims that over the past three years, there have been 7,000 cases of leprosy reported in the U.S. And guess what—it's all from immigrants who cross the border illegally. When confronted by Lesley Stahl that he left a zero off that three, Lou Snobb retorts with a delusional self-righteousness typically reserved for Glenn Beck: "If we reported it, it's a fact." OK, guy.

Promotes Birther Movement
• Dobbs covered his territory of xenophobia well. When the birther movement gained coverage for suggesting President Obama was truly a foreign agent, Louie was intrigued. After continuing to propagate suspicions of Obama's legitimacy, Dobbs defends the slimy conspiracy clan while reprimanding Roland Martin like a paternal fourth-grade teacher. FOH

Defends "Illegal Alien" Halloween Costume
• Lou was outraged that his "ethno-centric" opponents would protest an "illegal alien" Halloween costume that included an orange jump suit, green card and alien mask. Never mind the fact the over 700 Mexicans died in 2008 trying to cross the border into America, Dobbs thinks that the costume is funny. Reality show idea: Lou and his caller from San Bernardino work in the fields wearing the costume for 8 weeks—the winner is awarded a job with minimum wage.


Gets His Crib Shot Up
• This wasn't the first time that Lou and his wife were involved in gunplay, as his boo was once busted for trying to smuggle a loaded handgun onto a flight at Newark Airport.  However, it's not everyday that political commentators get their house tatted up with bullets. And whoever was trying to send a message apparently got through—Dobbs called it quits less than two weeks later. No comment.