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Ever since John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his Hail Mary running mate, she's been a treasure chest of entertainment inspiration, comedic relief and controversy. When their ride to the White House crashed, she stuck to her personal maverickness—burning bridges and blazing her own path in the pursuit of attention. Her new ghostwritten bestseller, Going Rogue, digs its literary nails into all her perceived enemies like an insecure disgraced cheerleader enraged at her ex-teammates.

Surely, most politicians possess a level of egotistical self-importance, but Palin displays a unique disregard for public service, her family and former colleagues. Her willingness to blurt out whatever talking point is politically advantageous shades any minuscule shred of credibility she retained following the election. She's just trying to get paid. To zero in on her leadership style, here's some of her most rogue moments...  

Resigns As Governor
• With over a year left in her first term as Alaska's Governor, Palin spontaneously resigned and gave up her only remote qualification for seeking higher office. The former point guard compared her decision to making a pass in a basketball game, but it was more like faking an injury in the playoffs. Deep down, she wanted to play one-on-one in the rogue league.


Claims Aids Forbid Her From SNL
• Palin devotes considerable time in her book trashing her former colleagues. One of the many accusations surrounded SNL and its infamous mockery of the self-proclaimed hockey mom. In Going Rogue, she accuses campaign aides of dissuading her from appearing on the show to display her mature sense of humor. Campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, who looks like Dr. Evil, responded with emails that claim the exact opposite was true. *Yawn* I mean, despite Palin's penchant for pathological lying, it's equally ridiculous to accept information from McCain's cronies as truthful.


Attacks Katie Couric
• If there was a watershed moment that exposed Palin's lack of education, it was hands-down the Katie Couric interview. Bad blood lingered between the two ever since, with both consistently taking shots at one another. So it's no surprise that Palin's book continues assaulting the CBS anchor and the rest of the "lamestream media". While sitting down with Oprah, she whines for sympathy while bashing Couric for having the nerve to ask her what newspapers she reads. It's pretty obvious that the experience left an indelible humiliation, if one reads between the lines.  


Recants Family Vote Story
• When she's not stabbing old colleagues in the back or lambasting "gotcha" journalists, the mother of five admits that she doesn't really listen to her family. Even more disturbing, she apparently flat-out lied during the campaign about holding a good 'ol fashioned family vote to decide if she should accept the VP nomination. It's all about Sarah. For whatever reason, Palin now claims that her kids had no voice in the decision to be paraded on TV as the folksy American family. Oops, too late guys.


Supports Racial Profiling
• Many pundits clearly speculate that Palin's rogue campaign is foreshadowing her possible run in 2012. Despite obvious hurdles, it would be naive to dismiss her potential appeal considering that Americans elected Bush twice. To get an idea of what sort of policies she would condone, Palin gives a revealing interview to Sean "I'd leave my wife for you, Sarah" Hannity. While discussing the Fort Hood massacre, Palin goes rogue on civil rights, throwing her full support behind outright profiling. But, fortunately, it'll take a lot more than book sales to implement Sarah Palin's creepy America.